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Retro tiles are very popular. Many people chose to lay these kinds of tiles in their house. They make every house look more happy, playful and colourful. Besides, they match every interior. There are many retro tiles, like Portuguese, Moroccan and Spanish tiles with outstanding and colourful patterns or mosaic in a striking colour. You can buy all these tiles at Terre d’Azur. Most of them are in stock in the warehouse in Rijen. You can buy them at one of our dealers.

Custom made retro tiles

We offer you a lot of retro tiles. You can check our collections online to see what we have to offer. However, it is possible that you can’t find the tiles you are looking for. For you we offer the possible to let us deliver custom made retro tiles. For example, you can choose tiles in a different colour or in another size. If you’re interested, you can contact us. Then we can discuss your wishes and see whether we are able to deliver the perfect retro tiles for you.

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Do you like to more know about the possibilities we have to offer concerning custom made tiles or do you want information about our different collections? Then please contact us at any time. You can call us on 06-53291330 or 06-51267183, or mail to info@terredazur.nl  We hope we can help you find the perfect retro tiles.

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